private pages

Fronzelneekburm's website
( a private fanpage)

(CASIO Fanpage, thx 2 Greg 4 the link)

(Nerd watches)

Fritzvombaum's Vintage Watch Page
(the mysterious ebay guy)

Seiko's TV Watch
(all about Seiko's legendary TV Watch)

Seiko's TV Watch II
(a great site with technical stuff)

LED Uhren
(a LED watch collection)

CASIO, Citizen & Seiko
(another watch collection)

digital watch forum
(interesting discussion forum)

Reto's CASIO Watch Collection
(a pretty nice collection)

CASIO Relojes DataBank
(a spanish fan page from Spain)

Watch Crazy
(good info source)

Kim Patterson's CASIO Watch Collection
(a pretty nice collection)

Cool G-Shock Collection
(Sjors from the Netherlands)

huge digital watch collection
(Ulf from Germany)

Vintage Digital Watches of Kashif
(also a nice collection)

commercial pages

CASIO Europe
(CASIO's European Website)

CASIO HongKong
(great official site!)
(Matsucom's onHand. Formerly known as Seiko's Ruputer.)
(another official onHand Website)

(Fossil's Tech Website)

the japanese watch forum
( forum about different japanese watches)

some different gadget watches

CASIO's Manual search engine
(official CASIO page)

(4 the technology addicted)